Did you Know

Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling has been associated with moving all types of buildings for more than fifty years. Harold Wingate, Sr. started our company in 1959.


Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling is a member of Louisiana House Movers Association and The International Association of Structural Movers.

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We are licensed, bonded and insured. State Contractor License No. 52124

Our staff is certified to deal with lead paint found in many older buildings. Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling is an environmently responsible company

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Frenquently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to move my structure?
Moving a house or building is not an easy process. There are many variables involved such as: the structure's size, age, location, and more. Please contact us for your personalized house moving estimate.

Does moving a building or house reduce its integrity?
As a qualified house or building mover, we know exactly how to position the equipment, gauge the weight, and properly transport your structure from one location to another. When done right, the integrity of your house or building should not be affected.

How long does it take to move my building?
Most moves can be accomplished in a week although some variables can cause it to take more than a week.

I am located in a flood zone. Can you help protect me from rising waters?
Absolutely. We have many clients who love their homes or buildings but are constantly flooded by local storms and rising water. When Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling raises the structure of your home or building, you can maintain your property and not worry about the weather forecast.

If I have a historic building, will moving the house change its classification?
Possibly, it may change your classification so we highly recommend discussing your planned move with the State Historic Preservation officer prior to your relocation.

Will the resale value of my house be the same if I move it?
Site location is one very important factor which contributes to a home's resale value. The relocation site must be carefully considered when planning the move. We recommend getting advice from a professional real estate broker in determining whether there will be a change in value. In most cases the house will be worth more because the building will be moved to a more desirable site that the owner has chosen for that very reason.

Must I buy separate insurance to cover the building move?
Although Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling carries full comprehensive insurance to cover your building move, including structural damage, from raising the building to transporting it to the new site, it is always wise to buy short term insurance to cover unforeseen problems over which we have no control such as previously existing structure faults and possible inadequate insurance coverage by any of your utility contractors.

Is it necessary to notify my mortgage company before I move my house?
Yes. Your mortgage company has financed the purchase of your building including the land on which it sits. Your mortgage company must be notified of any change that affects the address of your house as it appears on the deed. Without their written approval, they may require that the full amount of the mortgage be paid in full. Our legal contacts can help you to smoothly transition the change without penalty.

What permits or licenses are required for moving my house, and who is responsible for getting them?
Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling will secure any required moving permits. However, new foundations almost always require a building permit, which is the responsibility of the homeowner.

How do I find a contractor to disconnect all services before the move and reconnect at the new site?
Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling can recommend a number of general contractors who can supply all the services needed (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, foundation engineer) before and after moving your house. We will work closely with your choice of contractor to make sure that the building move is completed efficiently and economically from start to finish. And, although you will be responsible for the financial arrangements with the contractor, we will insure that a smooth transition takes place so that your building is moved quickly and without stress.

Who is responsible for damage that could happen to other persons' property while the building is being moved?
We are responsible for damage to any property while moving a house or building to another location off site. If we are simply lifting a house on site, our agreement usually state that we are not responsible for damage to neighboring properties. Normally, we require customers to get written permission from their neighbors to access their property as required. We will provide you with a certificate of liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance.

Will I receive a written contract clearly showing me the responsibility of all parties involved in the move?
Details of the move, as well as responsibilities by all parties involved from raising the building to the destination site will be stated in writing for your approval, and no work will be performed without your written approval. We don't believe in "surprises". We want you to be completely aware of the operation from start to finish.

Can you build the foundation on which my building will be moved to?
Although Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling does construct foundations, we can also supply you with the names of several contractors who can supply this service. We will work closely with the contractor to insure that they are familiar with the building and its requirements before you engage their services.

Do I have to move everything out of my house before it is moved?
No, however you may want to lay down anything that may fall inside the house, as a precaution. We do have the equipment to slightly lean away from obstacles such as mail boxes, signs, bridges…

How far from home do you work?
We have moved houses in of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas an throughout the Gulf Coast.

How much damage is expected from the move of a house?
Sometimes small hair line cracks can appear above door ways, or around windows.
Overall the house will arrive to its new destination in good shape.
More can be explained during a consultation.