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Sometimes buying flood insurance when living in a floodplain can be very expensive. Many people debate whether or not they should pay the high premiums that are associated with this type of insurance. However, when you raise your house above the ground, you may be able to significantly reduce your flood insurance premiums. Therefore, eventually, the cost to elevate your home could be paid for by the difference in flood insurance premiums.





Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling is a member of Louisiana House Movers Association and The International Association of Structural Movers.

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We are licensed, bonded and insured. State Contractor License No. 52124

Our staff is certified to deal with lead paint found in many older buildings. Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling is an environmently responsible company

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Wingate House Moving Leveling and Lifting will acquire all pertinent insurance, permits, and licenses needed for state and federal regulatory purposes.
We will also provide thorough estimates, specialized plans, and diagrams for each individual project.



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