What We Do

Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling will acquire all pertinent insurance, permits, and licenses needed for state and federal regulatory purposes, provide thorough estimates, specialized plans, and diagrams for each individual project.



Our company is a member of Louisiana House Movers Association and The International Association of Structural Movers.

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We are licensed, bonded and insured. State Contractor License No. 52124

Our staff is certified to deal with lead paint found in many older buildings. Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling is an environmently responsible company

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A Little About Us

Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling has been associated with moving all types of buildings for over 50 years. Harold Wingate, Sr. started our company in 1959. Through the years, Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling has maintained the highest professional integrity and is committed to providing the most innovative and trusted methodologies in house moving, leveling, rigging and dismantling.

Wingate House Moving Lifting and Leveling is the trusted house moving company that businesses and homeowners turn to for a safe, damage-free structure raising and moving to a new location. We are known for the most modern, up-to-date house moving equipment and employing the latest in house raising and moving technology.

We are continually upgrading our house moving skills to stay knowledgeable as industry technology changes to meet the construction needs of all Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast Region.

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